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USPN - The Best of West and East

New Technologies (e.g. Nanotechnology, Sensory, Robotics, Big Data,…) are creating enormous demand for Software Applications and require new business models


IT-Market: Demand driven

Resources: Tight and competetive

Economy: High cost and revenues


Experienced Management Team in Sales and Production connects and applies the benefits of both worlds


IT-Market : Supply driven

Resources: Available and highly motivated

Economy: Low cost and revenues

Project Management

Local Support
Customer Services

Backend Support

IT is rapidly developing

  • Reengineering obsolete IT structures
  • Industrialization of IT
  • Digitization
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Automation
  • Cloud technology with use of different clouds (‘Cloud hopping’)
  • Cyber ​​Security
  • Embedded Software Technologies / Robotics
  • Multichannel distribution
  • New sourcing strategies
  • Block Chain

There is a strong demand for 'modern' IT services!

but the resources are unequally distributed in Europe

Western Europe Eastern Europe
Nagative demographoic development: Over-aging with IT specialists, birth-strong classes leave the working life out Positive demographic development and young average age
Too little IT junior staff or none demand-oriented training Good technical training
High 'fully burdened' costs workforce Low wage level
High tax rates Low tax reates

The Eastern European labor market is an ideal resource pool!

  • Western European distribution companies
    Analyze the current demand, develop innovative solutions and identify proven products and services. Technical implementation is carried out in Eastern European development and operating companies (‘IT factories’),
  • Installation at the customer is carried out by means of professional service staff on site (project management and implementation)
  • Eastern European companies
    Develop cost-effective software in high quality according to defined standards and offer managed services for individual applications right up to entire application landscapes and complete data centers in the EU
  • Transfer of established Western European products and companies into the Eastern European development, in order to bring them back into economic efficiency.